By his example, Danny proved that you can not only do what you love and live life to the fullest but also make good money. Danny Margulies is the King of freelancing in the Copywriting niche as he charges a whopping $500 per hour of engaging him and he plans to increase his charge. Don’t you just want to be like him?​

danny margulies

Here are the main principles of Danny Margulies:

Focus on one Freelancing Platform

Many freelancers are advised to register on several exchanges in order to find more customers. But Danny did not go the other way – he focused on one exchange, Upwork. Indeed, many customers primarily look at the history of work and reviews in the profile, they will not search and study you on other exchanges.

Follow a few simple rules for filling out a good profile.

Danny advises not to focus on creating the perfect profile, but to pay attention to only a few points:

1. Good photo

Yes, whatever one may say, but we judge by the cover. And customers are no exception. To understand how your photo is perceived, Danny advises using the Photofeeler service.

2. Full name

To make the name more effective, just add one or two adjectives. For example, “professional graphic designer” or “experienced marketing consultant”. You can make it even more attractive by adding a few words about how you help clients:

“Convert users with great UI / UX design”

“Get more customers with SEO, Google Adwords and Facebook ads”

“High-performance website development”

3. Interesting description

Of course, customers want to know you. But even more, they want to know what you can do for them. Write not about yourself, but about clients, their problems and how you can solve these problems.

3. Personalized Cover letter

This is probably one of the most basic guarantees of success at the freelance exchange. Here are some of Danny’s tips:

  • Do not sell yourself. Most of your competitors do just that – they talk about themselves, their skills and experience. Want to stand out from the crowd? Just focus on the client, on his problem and how you can help him.
  • Build a relationship. Most freelancers think that customers select artists primarily based on skills and experience. But this is far from the case. Much more important is the emotional connection, because freelance is primarily a relationship between people.

Here are some ways to get on an emotional level with a client:

  • write something friendly
  • imagine you are talking to a real person
  • focus on helping the client, not on winning the job

Strive for long-term contracts

Short-term contracts can be useful at the initial stage of a career at a freelance exchange, as they provide an opportunity to quickly receive feedback and fill out a history of work. But you will not go far, because the search for new orders and customers takes a lot of time. Build a strong relationship with the customer, do the job efficiently – perhaps he will give you even more orders, as well as recommend to others.

Learn more about Danny Margulies and his secrets on Freelance to win. He is one of the highest earners on the Upwork Platform and his way to the top has been purely inspirational to newly started Freelancers.