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As a content developer, I earned little money from writing social media posts and article. I got a hold of the Freelance book written by Gbenga Adebiyi , got my Upwork account approved and started applying for jobs. My first job was $200 to write social media posts for a company.I was so excited.
Content Writer
Even though the general thoughts about developers is that we earn a lot of money, I wasn't.

Not until I met Gbenga and he showed me how to offer my service to international companies online.

Now I earn in dollars.
Web Developer
I love to research and I knew it was possible to monetize it but I didn't know how. I attended a class where Gbenga taught and he mentioned how someone earned a lot of money offering research as a service.
Since then,I have worked on global projects right in the comfort of my bedroom.
Research Enthusiast

i have taught beginner level freelancers like you to landing full time jobs on upwork, fiverr and other freelancing platforms

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