10 Awesome Upwork Profile Examples That Will Help You Get Clients

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Do you want to get quality jobs on Upwork in 2021? Start by revamping your Upwork profile.

Creating a winning profile is the first step to becoming a successful freelancer on Upwork. A strong profile can increase your profile views, get you the “rising talent” badge, and lead to higher-quality invites from potential clients. Even if you’re relatively new to Upwork, your profile is an opportunity to create a positive first impression.

Every part of your Upwork profile matters. 100% complete profiles will utilize most, if not all, of these different sections:

  • Title
  • Overview
  • Profile picture
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Employment experience
  • Certifications
  • Portfolio
  • Other experiences
  • Client’s reviews   

Completing your profile doesn’t just give clients the info they need, it also helps Upwork match you with more relevant projects. Plus, if you want a trusted Rising Talent or Top-Rated status badge, you’ll need a 100% complete profile.

Need inspiration before you get started? Consider how these 10 successful Upwork freelancers utilize their portfolio to showcase their experience and expertise in the best light.

Top web developer profile:

The first profile example comes from Michael, a web developer. Instead of writing a lengthy overview, this freelancer lets the other sections of his profile do the talking. He even included a short video to explain his services. This profile shows that you don’t need to write a book to describe how you can help prospective clients.

On the left-hand side, you’ll see a professional profile picture and a video introduction. Most profiles don’t have a video introduction—this is a chance for you to stand out from the crowd and offer a preview of what it’ll be like to work with you. 

Michael has a great portfolio with visual representations of his past web and mobile development projects. Another interesting feature is that his education section lists self-taught learning rather than traditional college/university education. It gives you an edge if you don’t have a college education.

Top customer service consultant profile:

This profile does a great job of demonstrating Chloe’s value as an Upwork freelancer. If you have won prestigious awards or been recognized in your industry, it can be beneficial to include it in your overview.

Almost the entire left side of Chloe’s profile is filled with private talent clouds. A Talent Cloud network is an Upwork Enterprise client’s private group of professional freelancers and agencies. Working with an Upwork Enterprise client adds you to their Talent Cloud network, which means you’ll be at the top of the list when that client’s hiring managers search for freelancers and agencies with your skills.

Top web designer profile:

Photo Credit: upwork.com

Upwork profiles for creative roles are organized to highlight the portfolio at the top of the page. Petro does an excellent job of using detailed, colorful, and stylized images for his portfolio. The portfolio flows well into his overview text that focuses on UI/UX web design. It’s structured to be easily read and uses a mix of customized bullet points, short paragraphs, and an ordered list. Petro also includes a date in the overview that notes when it was last updated. This date tells potential clients that the freelancer is active and available on the platform.

Top mobile app developer profile:

Scott’s profile stands out because there’s a section in his overview that describes how he helps clients. This section of the overview is valuable because it shifts the focus to addressing the prospective client’s needs. Scott added certifications to speak about his qualifications. When a client is looking to hire someone, they want a freelancer who understands their problem and can help them solve it. Writing a profile focused on solving a client’s situation and not on yourself will give you a unique advantage over other freelancers.

Top virtual assistant profile:

Upwork lets freelancers link their portfolio pieces to recent Upwork project reviews. Jasmine takes advantage of this feature. By linking these elements together, potential clients can quickly identify how their portfolio lines up with past projects and ratings. Jasmine also does a great job of incorporating testimonials from outside of Upwork in the testimonials section. This profile example provides social proof to potential clients that Jasmine can be successful with their projects.

Top e-commerce profile:

Nick’s profile does a great job of focusing on a specific niche. Rather than talking about all e-commerce platforms, he chooses to emphasize his Shopify experience. His well-written overview blends paragraphs and bulleted lists to make it easy for prospective clients to read. Nick closes his overview by encouraging potential clients to look through his portfolio and provides a next step for scheduling a meeting to discuss all of the client’s needs. A call-to-action at the end of your profile is an effective way to get more invitations to interview.

Top digital marketer profile:

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A unique title can catch attention and make potential clients want to learn more about a freelancer. Evan’s title does an excellent job of highlighting his experience as a digital marketer by mentioning his 15 years of experience and being Google certified. 

Once you click and scroll through Evan’s profile, you can also see that he has six verified Google certifications listed. These certifications validate the experience mentioned in his title and make him a more desirable candidate.

Top social media manager profile:

Photo Credit: upwork.com
Photo Credit: upwork.com

Gabrielle’s profile showcases that clients often use different words and phrases when looking for a freelancer. In her Upwork Work History section, there are projects described using the following different phrases:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social media strategy session
  • Social media strategist
  • Instagram and marketing strategy
  • Social media manager
  • Social media content
  • Facebook ads script

While all of these are uniquely titled, they cover the same skills and have large overlaps in project expectations. 

Gabrielle was able to get these jobs because her listed skills cover a wide range related to social media. Consider all of the ways that potential clients may describe their problem, and make sure your profile and skills address those phrases in your profile.

Top lead generation specialist profile:

Photo Credit: upwork.com

Richard’s profile is an excellent example of taking a general activity, “lead gen,” and making it more specific by focusing on ways that he can help clients. Starting with his title and reinforced throughout the entire profile, Richard shows how he creates more business leads. His professional video introduction provides a personal connection that encourages taking the next step.

Top graphic designer profile: 

Photo Credit: upwork.com

Rachel’s Upwork profile utilizes the designer layout to showcase her portfolio at the top of the page. In her portfolio, you can see three real examples of her product design and graphic design projects. 

The layout smoothly transitions into a detailed overview highlighting her experience and describes a specific niche she serves, start-up e-commerce. In her well-organized overview, Rachel lists out the graphic design services she offers and her graphic design program proficiencies.


Now that you’ve reviewed these 10 profiles, you have some excellent examples of ways to make your profile stand out and get more clients. Before publishing your updated title, overview, and other features on your profile, make sure to proofread for spelling errors, typos, or grammatical errors.


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