How To Write A Freelance Profile That Attracts Your Dream Clients

“I’ve learned the best practices in writing the best proposals. But I’m not getting my desired jobs. I don’t know what to do.”

Jane, a Graphics Designer.

Jane, like hundreds of other freelancers on the internet, combat this issue. Your proposals are not the only means of getting high-paying clients. Upwork, for instance, includes the freelancer’s profile with every proposal submitted. With this, the clients can access the freelancer’s profile, including portfolios. It is, therefore, necessary to write a compelling freelance profile. And yes, a profile that attracts and retains high-paying clients.

Pro Tip: Your freelance profile is like your online CV. It would be best if you made it compelling enough to everyone, even yourself.

Could it be that your profile keeps hindering you from getting jobs? Here’s how to tailor your freelance profile to attract anyone, even yourself.

1. Check out top freelancers in your industry:

There are lots of freelancers who are successful in your field. You need to check out what they are doing. Study them thoroughly. If they’re succeeding, there’s something they are doing that you need to model. Check out their portfolios also. Did they use links? Pictures? Or videos? Ensure you check all to the tiniest detail. 

Pro tip: Ensure you have a book and a pen beside you. It would be best if you wrote ideas that are appealing to you. Remember that their profile is a guide to what clients are looking out for.

2. Be authentic:

When starting your career as a freelancer, you might feel compelled to use a different name. Or you might want to adopt an international name. This is not advisable. Ensure you use your birth name for your freelance profile. Most freelance platforms require identity verifications, which may need identity cards. Or other media of identifications. Using a wrong name or nationality can lead to the banning of your freelance profile. 

3. Use a professional profile picture:

Here is where most newbies miss it. Uploading a Snapchat picture or random selfie as your freelance profile picture is wrong. No matter how good looking you’re in it, don’t use it. Remember you’re building your reputation on the platform, build a reliable one. Your picture says a lot about you before anything else. 

You can use a professional headshot. Upwork, or any other freelance platform, isn’t Twitter or Instagram; please don’t treat it as such.

4. Write a good copy for your title and overview:

Your title describes what you do in a few words. In comparison, your overview describes what you do in detail. You have to sound compelling when writing these two.

For instance, a developer differs from a WordPress developer. A WordPress developer differs from A WordPress developer that aims to increase sales. Your title should describe all you do in a few words. 

Also, write your overview in detail. In this section, you need to tell the client HOW you can achieve your proposed solution. Here is how to achieve that:

  • Include testimonials:

Do you have a good review after working for someone? Include them in your freelance profile. Note that it can be from paid, or unpaid clients. It could even be a family member. It’s the right way of increasing the client’s confidence in you. Splatter it on top of your overview copy before anything else. If you don’t have any testimonials, read the next step below.

  • Add your unique value proposition:

What makes you unique? You need to identify that before writing your freelance profile. It doesn’t only give you an edge over other freelancers; it attracts quality clients. Describe what makes you different from other freelancers in a compelling way. One way to achieve this is by adding numbers. Yes, the magic numbers. 

For instance, I can help you increase sales by 200%. Don’t forget to add how to plan to achieve it. Remember, you’re crafting your online CV to attract potential clients; put in your best.

  • Utilize industry keywords:

As technology advances, keywords remain one of the predominant factors in conducting searches. Keywords help clients find freelancers relative to their industry. You need to find these keywords and use them when writing your overview. For example, SEO is peculiar to marketing, writing, etc.

5. Add certifications:

If you have any awarded certifications, add them to your freelance profile. Remember that you are competing with hundreds of freelancers in your field. It would help if you positioned yourself as an expert. Ensure that your certifications align with the skills you offer. For instance, the Hubspot Content Marketing Strategy Certificate will match a Content Marketing Profile. You can also include certifications that are relevant to the skills you offer. For instance, Social Media Marketing Certification will correspond to a Digital Marketing Profile. 

6. Include work experience:

If you have no work experience, you can ignore this step. But if you do, it’s advisable to include them on your freelance profile. It would help if you customized it to attract a random client, but a quality one.

Pro tip: If you want a high paying client, you need to have a premium profile. A profile written lackadaisical will attract low-paying clients.

7. Include your portfolio:

A portfolio is a compilation of your work samples. It shows potential clients that you are capable of providing value—which is their earnest desire. While everything else on your profile tells about what you do, your portfolio is visible proof that backs up your claims. It would help if you were detailed when adding your portfolio to your freelance profile. Include only your best work samples. If you have work samples that generated mouth-watering results for your previous clients, include them in your profile. It is necessary because clients are more concerned about how you can help them. And most importantly, how you can solve their problem. 

With these tips outlined above, you can create a high paying freelance profile. Kindly share your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.


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